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Our November 2017 Catalogue Page. 

Page posted November 8, 2017.  

We now issue most of our catalogues on line rather than in print by mail. This allows us to issue more catalogues and feature more items, with better photos and descriptions. 

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Do you know what this early flag is ?

This flag has come with a lot of early flags from the US Revenue Cutter Woodbury (Mahoning) and date from 1860 – 1890. This “1 9 5 9” Flag measures 93 x 56 1/2" and is definitely hand sewn on linen or cotton muslin (?). We would appreciate any help that you can provide to determine the origin and use of this flag design.


4231L. Life-Saving Service. REVISED REGULATIONS FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE LIFE-SAVING SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE LAWS UPON WHICH THEY ARE BASED - 1884. Wash. GPO. 1884. 155pp. Full updated revised regulations include organization, appointments, duties of officers and crews, patrol, action at wrecks, uniforms, general provisions, complete beach apparatus drill, open surfboat drill, signal code, first aid, use of lifeboats, and much more. Also includes laws relating to the Life-Saving Service, directions for restoring the apparently drowned, treatment of frostbite, rules and regulations of the Board of Life-Saving Appliances, care and use of the self-bailing and self-righting life-boat, instructions for the management of the life-boat transporting carriage, towing of lifeboats, management of open boats in the surf, a complete example of journal forms in use, and more. Contents generally clean and tight save some occasional pencil corrections and light foxing. Covers some wear, spine worn, hinges tight. Well illustrated. An extremely rare issue of the Rules and Regulations! (VG-). $235.

17176. (photo) U.S. Coast Guard Motor Surfboat, Flood Relief at Meadville, Pa. c.1959. Clear close press photo shows great detail as the Coast Guard crew helps to evacuate residents from the flood at Meadville, Pa. Measures 7” x 9”. Includes date and description. Excellent close view of motor surfboat underway. Dated January 24, 1959. (VG+). $38.

17173. Groth, Karen Nelson. Westport's Masterpiece: Building the Grays Harbor Lighthouse, 1897-1898. 2010. Nicholson Press. 164p. Soft wraps. Well done exhaustive account following following Carl W. Leick, an exceptional architect responsible for the construction of several lighthouses in the northwest. The Grays Harbor Lighthouse is considered to have been his masterpiece. The author drew her inspiration from the journal she discovered at the National Archives in Seattle. She then unearthed several letters in Washington DC, and copies of the original plans at the Coast Guard’s archives in California. Combined with an archive of the family’s photographs that she obtained, the author examines the construction of the lighthouse from a new perspective. Well done, detailed work. A fine addition to any lighthouse library. Clean, tight, rarely opened. Difficult to find. (VG+). $76. 

2640-11. GLASS FRESNEL BUOY or DRUM LENS RED. Beautiful red glass Fresnel drum lens for use in lamps and other lanterns, etc. The lens measures outside rim diameter of  5 ¼” – 5 3/8”, inside diameter range from 4 ½” – 4 ¾”  and height of 5 7/8”. Lens is one piece, prism completely intact, clean, no chips except one on rim where hidden by mounting. May be new old stock. Lens is marked “Corning” and “4072-L-8”. A beautiful piece, perfect for use in your own lighthouse or for display. (F-). $135.

6762-33. United States Light House Establishment / Service Lighthouse Lamp Feeder / Oil Filling Can c.1880-1910. Scarce, original, early United States Light House Establishment / Service brass oil lamp feeder can is in good condition. The bottom of the can bears the distinctive oval stamp: “U. S. L. H. DEPOT, 3 DIST., LAMP SHOP, STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.”. Brass oil filler is original, with its original side handle and top bail handle. With rare spout cap and chain. Top cap and chain is missing. A few slight dents. Old solder repair to base of spout only. A very good example of this sought after style of earlier lamp filling can for your display at a greatly reduced price. Base measures 7” diameter. Overall height 6 ½”. Overall length approx. 11 ½”. (VG). $685. (no discounts apply).


29348k. Brass oil filler can. Can is completely original, with brass  spout and brass lower and upper brace, and screw threads with cap on top, complete with cap but without chain. Can has its two original handles. With few if any slight dents, no repairs, original patina and should polish up nicely. In lovely condition, perfect for display. Bottom marked “Seebach & Co., New York”. 4 ½” high. 9 ¾” long. Perfect for display where you don’t wish to risk a more expensive Lighthouse service can. (VG+). $115.

17172. (photo) Nantucket Lightship No. 106 Wallowing Between Heavy Seas c.1936. Striking clear, close, original 8” x 10” press photo shows excellent detail as Nantucket Lightship No. 106 wallows in the trough between two giant seas. Although she seems to have foundered, she has not. She will rise again and again on the crest, a rough ride for the seamen aboard the lightship at this most dangerous of stations. Photo is b/w and includes lengthy description on back. Not dated but about 1936 before Lightship No. 106 was replaced by Lightship No. 112. Clear, close view, great detail, a few marks. (VG). $48.

1378b. Newell, William A. “Out of a Wreck Was Born the Life Saving Service ". Success Magazine. March 1901, Vol IV, No 82. Full issue. Detailed 1 ½ page article by the founder of the Life-Saving Service, Governor William A, Newell of New Jersey. Governor Newell relates the story of a wreck that he observed in 1839, when an Austrian brig was wrecked on Long Beach, Monmouth, where the Captain and crew, thirteen in number, were drowned and their bodies washed upon the sand. Newell then relates his efforts over the ensuing years to get a number of bills through Congress forming the new Life-Saving Service. Throughout his career he championed this cause and helped to build one of the best life-saving services in the world. Excellent account of his early work in this area. Very good article with engraved illustration of “modern surfboat going to the rescue of a foundering ship”, and a second of Mr. Newell. Full issue with numerous other articles of the day. Contents clean and tight, wraps with some soil and staining, light wear. (VG). $48.

13431j. (photo) Wife of Crewman of the Tanker S.S Fort Mercer Looks at Photo of Ship. February 1952. Clear, close, original 7” x 9” press photo shows excellent detail as Mrs. Hilda Colby, looks at photo of the Fort Mercer. Her husband, Howard S. Colby, was First Engineer on the doomed vessel and was listed as missing when this photo was taken. Photo is b/w and includes date and description. Dated February 20, 1952. Clear, close view, great detail. (VG+). $44.


7300c. Floherty, John J. MEN WITHOUT FEAR. New York. 1940. 1st. 224pp. DJ. Well illustrated with official photographs, this work presents the work of men faced with danger in their daily occupations, barred to all but men without fear. Includes chapter on the men on Atlantic coast lightship duty, with 14 photographs including rare photo of Lighthouse Service Quartermaster hat insignia. Other chapters include the Harbor Patrol, blasters, test pilots, linemen and others. Interesting reading by this well known author. Clean, tight, nice copy in rare but edgeworn and chipped dj. (VG+). $44.

17168. (photo) Coast Guard 36-Foot Motor Lifeboat Searches for Four Missing Cleveland Boy Scouts c.1950. Clear, close, original 7” x 9” press photo shows excellent detail as the 36-foot motor-lifeboat (possibly CG-36422) from Cleveland searched a choppy Lake Erie for four Cleveland Boy Scouts adrift in a rubber raft, in a gale, on the 36-degree waters of Lake Erie. After an all-night search by five Coast Guard boats and 10 planes, the boy’s bodies were recovered after 17 hours many miles off-shore. The four boys; William Von Hof, David L. Hahn, Roland Farmer and Richard Bauer, perished from exposure during the night. Excellent view of the motor-lifeboat and crew. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Dated April 11, 1950. Clear, close view, great detail. (VG+). $58.

1234-11. (lot 4 documents) U.S. Life-Saving Service, First District, White Head Life-Saving Station c.1899. Capt. Freeman Shea, Keeper. Lot consists of four documents relating to clothing orders for the crew at the station. The first is an original hand-written letter on official Life-Saving Service stationery to James A. Robinson & Son (clothiers), of Bangor, Maine, regarding payment for clothing delivered. One sheet 8” x 10” original stationery dated September 26, 1899. Quite clean and crisp. Remaining sheets 7” x 11” (1) and 5” x 8” (2) contain hand written notes on uniforms (duck suits, overcoat, Keeper’s cap, blue surfman’s cap, pants, etc.) with prices and some sizes, specs., etc. Men listed include Keeper Freeman Shea, E. Meservey, W.S. Clark, D. A. Elwell, J.E. Kenney, Alonzo Maker, Leland Mann. Overall quite clean. Rare White Head LSS lot. (VG+). $88.

20150b. Watch Record Book. U.S. Lighthouse Service. Shinnecock Bay Light-Station, 3rd. District….”  January 1, 1919 to April 30, 1927. This is the Watch Record Book kept in the light tower for the Shinnecock Bay Lighthouse, from January 1, 1919 to April 30, 1927. Hard bound folio in marbled boards with remains of half-calf spine and corners. Volume measures 11 ½” high by 9” wide and contains 200 form pages completed in the hand of Keepers M. F. Murphy, Waldo L. Penny, G. J. Thomas, W.F. Chichele, and Paul G. Peterson, who bids his comrades “Good Bye” on Sept 11, 1920. This type of record was kept at all stations having two or more keepers and contained the weather conditions, working condition of the light and fog signal, time of starting and stopping of each on a daily basis, and any irregularity in the working equipment or appliances during each watch. Watches were normally divided so that an equal share of work and desirable hours fell on each keeper and assistant. Each entry is signed in the hand of the Keeper or Assistant. Record has all 200 pages completed. Additional notations indicate some difficulties with the lens and burner, mantle, no light due to burner problems, etc. Also noted are the signatures of District Inspector Luther after review of portions of the log. Pages are in good condition, generally clean. Some are becoming loose as spine has worn, hinges weak, spine repaired with light canvas.  Binding lightly soiled, with expected light wear, without any labels. These Watch Record books do not surface very often. (VG). $1,495.

17160. (stationery sheet) U. S. Lighthouse Service, Third District c.1920’s. Large original official stationery sheet from the U. S. Lighthouse Service, with printed originating address “Superintendent of Lighthouses, Staten Island, N.Y. Third District. Sheet has light age toning and normal postmarks, and light tear at bottom. A great memento for collection or framing. 8” x 10 ½” on buff lined stock. (VG). $44.

23371h. United States Lighthouse Establishment / Service Post Lantern with Oil Lamp c.1890 - 1910. Scarce, original United States Lighthouse Establishment or Service brass, oil lit post lantern less lens. Lantern appears to have most of the necessary parts including frame, lower housing, upper housing with weather cap as well as the original ¼-turn brass oil lamp (this is almost always missing) with fitting for 8-day oil reservoir. Lamp is without the lens – lens is shown for illustration only. Lantern also without the font and glass chimney (old font is included but is not original to lantern). Brass label is marked: “POST LANTERN”. Overall in good condition, polished at one time. Needs lens approx. measurements 7” rim od and 7” high. Approx. 11” dia. Overall height 26”. May also need lens retaining ring. A fine example of this rare style of Lighthouse Establishment navigational aid. Rare find. VG). $495. Sold.

17154. (cover / envelope) Superintendent Tenth Life-Saving District to Keeper, U.S. Life-Saving Station, Louisville, KY c. 1908. Large original official envelope from the Superintendent Tenth Life-Saving District, Buffalo, NY., with address filled in to Keeper of Louisville Life-Saving Station, Kentucky. Envelope has light age toning and normal postmarks, and some wear, chipped corner, moderately soiling, etc. A great memento and a rare Life-Saving Service cover. 4” x 9”. (VG-). $54.

17158a. Scheina, Robert. U.S. Coast Guard Cutters & Craft of World War II. Naval Institute Press. 1982. 332p. DJ. Ex lib. For anyone interested in the role of the Coast Guard in World War II, this is the book to check out. From 1939 through 1945, the Coast Guard greatly expanded its operations and vessels. At the height of the war, 425 Coast Guard cutters and more than 400 small craft were in operation. The book gives a comprehensive listing of all the craft used by the Coast Guard and transferred to the Navy. From 25-foot utility boats to tenders, lightships, motor life-boats, utility boats, harbor tugs, Coast Guard reserve craft and 250-foot cutters, thousands of vessels are included in this first complete and systematic listing. The book lists the various boats based on their length and then the chapters are subdivided into subsections detailing the various vessels in that category. A must reference for history research into this time in history. Filled with period photographs detailing their wartime configurations and paint schemes. An interesting and important reference. Long out of print. Only lightly used. (VG+). $54.

17162. (photo) U.S. Coast Guard 36-Foot Motor Lifeboat Underway. Clear close photo shows good detail as the lifeboat crew works their way through the breakers. Measures 3” x 4”. Clear and close. (VG+). $32.

17157. (photo) Coast Guard Surfman c.1920. Clear close photo shows young Coast Guardsman with his girlfriend posing for the camera. Great view shows the typical surfman uniform of the era including hat, tunic with collar insignia, pants, leggings and boots. Rare view. Measures 2 ½” x 4 3/8”. (VG). $48.

8341-104. (demitasse saucer) United States Coast Guard “U.S.C.G.” Dinnerwarec.1920’s – 1930’s. Scarce, original United States Coast Guard demitasse saucer in the rare early intertwined “U.S.C.G.” pattern. Saucer is back-marked “Shenango China, New Castle, Pa, Made For L. Barth & Son, New York.”. This pattern was used shortly after the merger in 1915 and mimics the earlier Revenue Cutter Service pattern. L. Barth & Son was a distributor of restaurant china and would have been one of the suppliers of china to the Coast Guard at the time the saucer was made. In Restaurant China Volume 2 by Barbara J. Conroy Page 414, the author states that this mark with the words New Castle, PA italicized was used circa 1920’s - 1930’s by Shenango and that frequently the name of the distributor accompanied the mark. Saucer measures 4 7/8” in diameter and is as new, possibly never used. One slight spot, manufacturing defect. Extremely rare pattern. (F-). $165.

14125b. (photo) USCGC  General Greene WSC / WMEC-140 Aground at Sandwich, Cape Cod c.1960. 8” x 10” press photo taken from the air shows good details of the cutter well up on the beach in Sandwich, where she was driven by 30-foot waves and near hurricane force winds. The cutter had gone to the aid of a disabled tug. Twenty four crewmen were rescued off the 125-foot vessel. The General Green was one of the Active Class Patrol Boats. This class of vessels was one of the most useful and long- lasting in Coast Guard service with 16 cutters still in use in the 1960’s. They gained a reputation for durability that was only enhanced by their re-engining in the late 1930’s; their original 6-cylinder diesels were replaced by significantly more powerful 8-cylinder units. The General Greene was built at a cost of $90,000 in 1927 by the American Brown Boveri Corporation of Camden, New Jersey. She was launched on 14 February 1927 and was commissioned on 18 March 1927. She was stationed at Boston, Massachusetts where she patrolled for rum runners and other law enforcement and search and rescue duties. The General Greene was assigned to the International Ice Patrol from 1931 to 1933. She was at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, in the late 1930s and conducted an oceanographic survey off Newfoundland in 1941. Dated March 7, 1960. Includes date and description. (VG). $38.


1768. (3 negatives) U.S. Life-Saving Service, Straitsmouth, (Rockport) Mass. c.1900. Extremely rare negatives show the Straitsmouth life-saving crew with the station surfboat including two close views detailing the boat and carriage nicely. Negatives measure about 2 ½” x 3 ½” and should produce good prints. Some clarity issues. (VG). $32.

16205. (glass plate negative) Coast Guard Breeches Buoy Demonstration (Point Allerton ?) c.1930 by Leslie Jones. Good view shows nice detail of the breeches buoy as a man “escapes” the ship for the Coast Guard station on shore. Good view of the station boathouse as well. Leslie Jones joined the Boston Herald-Traveler newspaper in 1917 and was a staff photographer until 1956. He received acclaim for his work and many of his images remain today in the Boston Public Library's collection. Measures 4” x 5”. Clear, close view will print well. (VG+). $74. Sold


17149. Nordhoff, Charles. Cape Cod and All Along Shore: Stories. Harper & Brothers, New York, 1868. 1st. 235p. Brown beveled cloth. A collection of seven short stories by the author, previously published in Harper's Magazine and Atlantic Monthly. One interesting story is ”Mehetabel Rogers’s Cranberry Swamp, which takes place at Nauset Lights in Eastham as Keeper Rogers aunt, Mehetabel Rogers, tries to convince stubborn fishermen to invest in a radical agricultural scheme of turning marshes into cranberry bogs. This is a tale about the changing times on Cape Cod and how Cape Cod communities, now thriving in their coastal workspaces, survived Cape Cod’s interrelated ecological, economic, and social challenges. Other stories include: Captain Tom: a resurrection; What is best?; A struggle for life; Elkanah Brewster's temptation; One pair of blue eyes; Maud Elbert's love match. A handsome copy bound in publisher's brown cloth covers with gilt letters on spine cover. Beveled edges. Four pages of advertisements. Brown end papers. Varying light and medium wear to some few edges. Corners bumped a bit. Ink signature and 1868 date on front end paper. Minor foxing internally. Otherwise, a wonderful old first edition that looks terrific. Overall good condition. Good Cape Cod reading. (VG-). $68.

692-1. Snow, Edward Rowe. NEW ENGLAND SEA DRAMA. Boston . July 4, 1964. Special Ninth edition. 62 pp. Stiff wraps. DJ. Signed and numbered copy No. 267 of a special autographed edition, containing a pasted in fragments of wood from the ill-fated steamer Portland, the frigate Constitution, the frigate Somerset, and the Old Minot’s Ledge Light. Also includes map of Famous Lighthouses of New England; map of Lost Ships of Sable Island; Perspective View of Boston Harbor and the British Fleet 1768; map of Block Island Shipwrecks; An Historic and Pictorial Map of Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay; Map of the Isles of Shoals; map of The Town of Boston in New England by Cap’ John Bonner 1722; Map of The Islands of Boston Harbor; Map of Romantic Boston Bay and Cape Cod; Historical & Pictorial Map of Fort Warren; and Historical & Pictorial Map of Casco Bay. This is one of Snow’s scarcer editions. Many nice lighthouse photographs and information as well as history of many of the harbor islands and forts, shipwrecks and rescues. An extremely rare form of this hard to find book. Overall clean, good copy, light wear. (VG). $164.

1034b. (souvenir spoon) Three “Sisters” lighthouses, Nauset Beach, Cape Cod c.1900. Beautiful petite early gold wash commemorative spoon bears a lovely engraved image of the early “Three Sisters” lighthouses on Cape Cod’s Nauset Beach in Eastham. Before the advent of a lighthouse lens that could produce a flash, three lighthouses were utilized in Eastham to aid mariners in recognizing the location. The three light towers were replaced by a single cast iron light tower, moved up from Chatham, in 1923. This beautiful old sterling silver souvenir spoon dates to about 1900, featuring on the handle in a decorative flower pattern. In the gold washed bowl it has a most expertly hand engraved sea shore view with a cliff, keeper’s house and the three wooden light towers. Engraved is “Nauset Lights, Cape Cod ”. This rare piece measures 5 ¼” long and is in excellent condition. On the back marked “D” for William B. Durgin Co. and “ STERLING ”. A nicely detailed commemorative piece of an extremely rare location. (VG+). $124.

17164. STEVENGRAPH VICTORIAN SILK PORTRAIT "Grace Darling” (To The Rescue)  c. 1893. “Stevengraph” as a title was invented by Thomas Stevens to describe his silk pictures, and he later extended it to include his silk bookmarks, silk portraits and silk postcards. Such items were first introduced to the public as a gimmick at the York Exhibition which was opened on 7 May 1879 . Over the next three decades, Stevengraphs depicting 188 different themes were produced. This piece as noted on the back, was probably purchased as a souvenir at the World's Columbian Exposition  (marked “worlds fair 1893” on back). This Stevengraph picture is woven in pure silk and has been matted and framed in period gilded wood frame. It depicts the heroine Grace Darling rowing in heavy seas. Grace Darling spent her youth in two lighthouses on the northern coast of England (Brownsman & Longstone), of which her father, William, was the keeper. The story of the legendary Grace Darling has been retold for over a hundred years. In 1838 Grace and her father rowed more than a mile to rescue passengers and crew of the foundering steamship SS Forfarshire, a deed that was to gain her immortality. One of the first “media” heroines, many Victorian journalists rose to the occasion, taking the simple daughter from life into legend. Beneath the mat there may be the traditional green card mount. Many mounts included 'Woven in pure silk' and 'Grace Darling', and on the reverse of the mount a trade label listing other Stevengraphs printed at the time. The image shows the heroine Grace Darling wearing a red bodice and a blue skirt (some show her in a green skirt). The silk is in very nice condition and the colors are still quite bright. However, there are a few dark areas that may be foxing from the backing, or may be in the design – can’t be sure. One can see colors of bright rose, pale blue and black and brown  on the boat. There are no splits or tears. The back label [important in dating his works] may be present but without opening cannot be sure either. Light wear and chipping of finish on frame. A rare early collectible. Measures 5” x 9” overall. Visible image 2 3/8” x 5 3/8”. (VG). $124. 

17155. (photo) Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, Michigan c.1972. Clear, close, original 8” x 10” press photo shows excellent detail of the “old” lighthouse and keeper’s house in 1972. Mackinaw Point marks the narrowest part of the Straits of Mackinac at the junction of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Founded in 1889, the Old Mackinac Point Light Station was in operation from 1890 until 1957. Mackinac Island State Park Commission purchased Old Point Mackinac Lighthouse in 1960 and incorporated it into Michilmackinac State Park. After $70,000 in restoration work, the lighthouse was opened in 1972 as the focal point of Michilmackinac Maritime Park. Budget constraints and falling attendance led to the closure of the lighthouse in 1990. Photo is b/w and includes date and identification on back. Dated September 3, 1972. Clear, close view, great detail. (VG+). $32.

17153. (photo) Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse & Keeper, Naushon Island, Mass. c.1900.  Clear close snapshot photo shows the Keeper standing outside the entrance to the light tower. Behind is a good view too of the flag mast with wind vane on top. Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse was on the east shore of Naushon Island, the largest of the Elizabeth Islands extending westward into Buzzards Bay from Falmouth on Cape Cod. Nice clear, close view. Measures 2 ¼” x 3 ½”. (VG+). $32.

7197zzz. [newspaper] Light-Houses at Brant Point , Tarpaulin Cove, West Chop and Petit Manan and Point Gammon Finished and Lighted…. Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot. November 12, 1817 . Lengthy column article notes that the light-houses at Brant Point , Tarpaulin Cove, West Chop and Petit Manan and Point Gammon  are finished and lighted. Included are descriptions of the lighting apparatus, along with an article by Capt. Winslow Lewis containing a description of each, time lighted, and a description of sailing directions. Full newspaper contains four pages with articles of the day, age browning and expected wear, 2 folds. (G+). $48 Reduced to $24. (x)

17137. (photo) Eastern Point Light Station, Gloucester, Ma. c.1939. Good close view of the many buildings at this well known light station on Massachusetts’ Cape Ann. Note the Keeper standing on the gallery cleaning the glass. Dated 1939 in pencil on back. Measures 3 1/8” x 5 ½”. Clean, crisp. (VG+) $24.


12478c. U. S. Life Saving Service Type - Brass Chelsea Clock c.1912-1919. Clocks from the U. S. Life-Saving Service are unusually rare and always in demand. Such pieces sell in the $6,000 range in good working condition. This clock comes from the M. Low Company, a business that had operated on Pearl Street in Manhattan from 1848 through the mid-Twentieth Century. The repair shop serviced watches and ships’ instruments at a time when travel by sea was the primary mode of transport. As ships would pull into port, their instruments would need to be repaired and serviced as their insurance companies required. The M. Low Company would travel onto the ships to repair, test and certify chronometers, binnacles and other nautical instruments as necessary when the boats came into the Manhattan harbor. In addition to servicing commercial ships, the company was also awarded government contracts. M. Low serviced U.S. Government clocks and other instruments as well as purchased old pieces no longer serviceable or needed. In 1962, the M. Low Company bought the Negus Company, a prolific American nautical instrument manufacturer that also operated out of Manhattan, adding to the collection that came to be. The contents of M. Low Company was auctioned over the past year and this clock was one of the lots. Over the years parts making up this clock have been interchanged such that now the clock face (U.S. Life-Saving Service), case (SN#124548 c.1919) and movement (SN#123097 c.1918) were not originally together. However this represents the exact type of clock used by the Life-Saving Service with an authentic face, at a greatly reduced price. The 4 ½” Model E movement is in a Chelsea red brass case with screw bezel, with early patina. Case measures about 5 ½” across the bezel and about 3” deep. The dial is lettered “U.S. Life-Saving Service. Chelsea Clock Co. Boston . U.S.A. ” The movement has been professionally cleaned and overhauled by Mr. Leonard Taube and runs well. Mr. Taube has over 20 years of experience as a master clockmaker with the Chelsea Clock Company, Chelsea Massachusetts and was in charge of repairs. Originally apprenticing in Russia, Mr. Taube immigrated to the US in 1980. He comes from a family of clockmakers dating back to the turn of the century. He is now retired from Chelsea Clock Co and has a Chelsea clock repair business of his own. The paint on the numerals and letters is in good condition with only light wear, but the face does have wear from winding and setting the time, with much of the nickel worn. Face and case have been cleaned but not polished or buffed. One hand has been replaced with antique original. Hands have paint chipping, one slight dent to bezel. This is a great find for collectors of early Life Saving Service memorabilia and would make a good addition to a collection or display. Replacement winding key included. (VG+). $4,495.

17150. (framed photo) U.S. Life-Saving Service Motor Launch c.1900. Extremely rare framed albumen photo shows the Life-Saving Service motor launch underway in Massachusetts Bay. According to author and small boat expert Tim Dring, the launch shown is “…either one of two of this type that served at Station City Point (Boston Harbor) , or another one of the same design and builder that was also assigned to Station Gurnet (Plymouth, Mass.) All three were built by Lawley at their boatyard in Neponsett in the very early 1900s…. These “motor launches” (the correct term for this type of boat) were used for both rescue work as well as supply trips. Most of these were initially powered by naptha engines, but were converted at some point to gasoline engines during their service lives.” Wonderful early view with great detail. Image measures about 6” x 8 ½” in 12 ½” x 15 ½” original stained and gilded oak frame. Frame has likely never been opened. Superb piece, will clean up nicely. Some moisture to mat but can easily be re-matted. (VG). $325. 

Wonderful Life-Saving and Coast Guard Caricature Prints by noted artist Darrel Somerville

11” x 14” and include mat for overall 16” x 20”. Each print signed by the artist. Perfect for decorating. 

14114. 36-foot Motor Lifeboat. $69

14114b. 36-foot Motor Lifeboat. Inscribed  "To Barry". $44

14115. Breeches Buoy Drill. $69

14115b. Breeches Buoy Drill. Inscribed  "To Barry". $44

14116. Lyle Gun Firing. $69

17156. Boonisar, Richard M. Gurnet Point: A Small Remote Summer Community with a Fascinating History. West Barnstable Press. 2017. 112p. Soft wraps. Gurnet Point is on a point of land at the tip of Duxbury Beach, that extends out from Duxbury and protects Plymouth from the fierce gales. Its first lighthouse was built there in 1768, and in 1806 two Huts of Refuge were erected along the beach by the Massachusetts Humane Society. The first life-saving station was erected at the Gurnet in 1874 following the wreck of Brig “Regulator”. The author has spent summers on the Gurnet since 1939 and brings to this work a wealth of knowledge about the area gleaned from years of research, as well as over 160 early photos from his private collection, nearly all never before published. Includes two wonderfully detailed chapters covering the history of the lighthouses and life-saving stations there. Wonderful reading, well done. (M). $23. (x)

Special Purchase

26114. (Fine art print) The Point Allerton Life Saving Station at Hull, Massachusetts by Donna Elias. 8” x 20”. New, ready to frame print by acclaimed maritime artist Donna Elias presents a wonderful water color-like view of the Bibb #2-Type station built in 1890 on the beach at Nantasket , Massachusetts . Artist Donna Elias began painting for lighthouse prints since the 1980’s. Donna’s lighthouse work continues and today she has completed an astonishing 250 paintings. To accompany her lighthouse collection, she has created “Heroes of the American Coast ”, a series of paintings celebrating the US Lifesaving Service, the forerunner of the Coast Guard, and the sister service of the lighthouse service. Only a hundred or so of these historic structures survive today and the stories of the heroic lifesavers that worked these stations are fascinating. All are in brand new excellent condition. These superb prints regularly retails for up to $15.00 each!  Our price $6.95. (wholesale quantities available)


See the video book trailer for Brilliant Beacons on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/QUgQVFOjX2s

Sale Price $14.95 plus $4.50 media mail. (x)

1601. Dolin, Eric Jay. Brilliant Beacons - A History of the American Lighthouse. 2016. 1st. 448p. Stiff wraps. DJ. An extraordinary work of historical detection and originality, Brilliant Beacons vividly reframes America’s history through the development of its lighthouses. In a work rich in maritime lore and brimming with original historical detail, Eric Jay Dolin, the best-selling author of Leviathan, presents the most comprehensive history of American lighthouses ever written, telling the story of America through the prism of its beloved coastal sentinels. Set against the backdrop of an expanding nation, Brilliant Beacons traces the evolution of America’s lighthouse system, highlighting the political, military, and technological battles fought to illuminate the nation’s hardscrabble coastlines. In rollicking detail, Dolin treats readers to a memorable cast of characters including the penny-pinching Treasury official Stephen Pleasonton, who hamstrung the country’s efforts to adopt the revolutionary “Fresnel Lens,” and presents tales both humorous and harrowing of soldiers, saboteurs, ruthless egg collectors, and most importantly, the light-keepers themselves. Richly supplemented with over 100 photographs and illustrations throughout, Brilliant Beacons is the most original history of American lighthouses in many decades. 112 illustrations; 8 pages of color. (M). Published at $29.95. Sale Price $14.95 plus $4.50 media mail.

22308. [can] Jonesport Fish Flakes [Pollock] packed by R. B. & C. G. Stevens, Jonesport , Maine . Full can of Jonesport Pollock Fish Flakes bears a lovely full color label with a large, bright image of a Maine lighthouse shining its beam out to sea. Nice collectible and display piece. Clean, bright, full can. (VG+). $12. 

25263. [vintage can labels] Jonesport Mackerel and Jonesport Sardines packed by R. B. & C. G. Stevens, Jonesport , Maine . Lovely Jonesport River full color labels with a large, bright image of a Maine lighthouse shining its beam out to sea. Nice collectible and display piece. Clean, bright, unused, great for framing. Two styles as shown. (F-). $3 each. 

8341-103. (serving bowl) United States Revenue Cutter Service Serving Bowl c.1886-1910. Scarce, original United States Revenue Cutter Service serving bowl in the rust colored “U.S.R.C.S.” flower pattern. This is a scarce original china dinnerware piece from the United States Revenue Cutter Service manufactured of heavy white institutional type china, in the latter years of the Nineteenth Century and early years of the Twentieth Century for use in ships’ wardrooms. Bowl is large and bold, quite attractive, with little if any expected wear. There are two closed age lines on one side but do not detract. This pattern is in rust, brown, and green, and consists of a floral pattern around the rim. In the center of the rim is the United States Revenue Cutter emblem in rust with crossed anchors behind. Dish is back-marked “Greenwood China, Trenton, N.J.” and date stamped “Greenwood China P” indicating a date range of 1886-1910. Dish is oval, and measures 8 1/8” x 10 ½” x 2 ¼” high. In wonderful condition, an exceptionally rare find. $425.

29325. Karentz, Varoujan. Beavertail Light Station on Conanicut Island. Booksurge. 2008. 242p. Soft wraps. For over 250 years, America’s 3rd oldest lighthouse has stood as a sentinel at the entrance of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay. The author tells the story of technological innovation and federal bureaucratic conflict as four different organizations, beginning in 1749, attempt to improve operations and reliability of the light station there. Woven into this history, the author follows the early slave trade and Colonists who insisted that the lighthouse be built, and describes the work ethics and reporting requirements of the generations of 'Keepers' who tended the light. (M). $47.99. (x)

13416c. (photo) Klipsan Beach Life-Saving Station and Crew, Washington c.1915. Rare early photo on postcard paper shows great detail of the rare Fort Point-type “Witch’s Hat” boathouse as the crew poses with the surfboat on the station ramp. The Life-Saving Station at Klipsan Beach (formerly Ilwaco Beach) was north of Cape Disappointment. Rare view, great early detail, 3 ½” x 5” on postcard paper. c.1904-1915. Light soiling, message on back. (VG+). $138.

13416b. (lithograph view) Klipsan Beach Life-Saving Station and Crew, Washington c.1915. Rare early lithograph image on postcard paper shows great detail of the rare Fort Point-type “Witch’s Hat” boathouse as the crew poses with the surfboat on the station ramp. The Life-Saving Station at Klipsan Beach (formerly Ilwaco Beach) was north of Cape Disappointment. Rare view, great early detail, 3 ½” x 5” on postcard paper. c.1904-1915. Clean, crisp, message on back. (VG+). $74.

17145. (photo) U.S. Coast Guardsman Mans One-Pounder Gun c.1925. Clear, close, original 8” x 10” press photo shows excellent detail as crewman mans a one-pounder gun, possibly a Hotchkiss. Likely he was keeping guard on a boat seized or being investigated for alcohol smuggling during Prohibition. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Dated January 8, 1925. Clear, close view, great detail, chip to upper corner margin. (VG+). $28.

21378d. Vintage Monarch Stereoscope Stereo View Viewer with 8 Views c.1904. For those of you who have vintage stereo views in your collection, this is a wonderful vintage viewer for use with your views. This is a great opportunity to clearly see the true depth of your views the way that they were originally intended. Viewer is in original condition complete with handle and eye shield and dates from about 1904. These viewers were supplied by the Keystone View Company for use with their view selections. Viewer is entirely original but in very good, clean condition with only normal wear. Included are 8 original stereoviews including one home-made view. Keystone View Company was started in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1892 by B.L. Singley. In 1892 French Creek overflowed its banks and flooded Meadville. Singley photographed the damage, developed multiple prints of 30 negatives and pasted them on cardboard mounts bearing the name of Keystone View Company. By 1895 the company had issued approximately 700 different views. In 1898 Keystone began making and selling stereoscopes. The company expanded rapidly and by 1905, the year the Keystone View Company was incorporated, it was the largest business of its kind in the world. All of the manufacturing was done in Meadville, but branch offices were in New York, St. Louis, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Toronto, Canada and London, England. Salesmen and photographers were scattered around the world, and the company was offering 20,000 different views. (VG+). $124. With this purchase receive 15% off any stereoviews on our web site. 

16117b. (mounted photo) Lighthouse Tenders, U.S. Light House Establishment Depot, Staten Island c.1890. Provenance John Millis (1881-1952) , Engineer, Light House Establishment. Wonderful early albumen photograph taken at the Lighthouse Depot at Staten Island, New York in about 1890. This photo provides great detail of the lighthouse tenders John Rogers and Cactus as visitors and officials pose on the decks. This photo is from the estate of John Millis (1881-1938) , Engineer 3rd District, U.S. Light House Establishment. John Millis had a long and interesting lighthouse career and lived for more than 93 years. Millis entered West Point in June 1877, and was graduated in June 1881, at the head of his class. In November 1883, after service with the Engineer School at Willetts Point, N. Y., he was assigned as Assistant to the Light-House Engineer of the Third District on Staten Island. It was during this period that this photograph was taken. Image measures 7 ½” x 9 ¼” on 10” x 12” mounts. Photo is clear, close, just a bid light. Some soiling and foxing to mount but does not affect photo or image. Overall a very rare important image. (VG+). $110.

8333L. [stereo view] THE GREAT LIGHT-HOUSE LENS MOUNTED FOR WORK,  ELECTRIC BUILDING , WORLD’S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. B. W. Kilburn view,  Littleton, NH . c. 1893. Rare stereo view of the large bi-valve first-order lens at the Light-House Establishment exhibit in the Electric Building at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. This is a clean, detailed view showing the large lens and clockwork rotating mechanism, and other portions of the electric exhibit. Nice, clear, clean view, light wear. (VG).  $34.

8333n. [stereoview] International Exhibition 1876, Machinery Exhibit. (c.1870’s). By Centennial Photographic  Co. (VG+). $18.

8333o. [stereo view] [LIGHT-HOUSE EXHIBIT, U. S. GOVERNMENT BUILDING – TRANSEPT LOOKING SOUTH. International Exhibition 1876. (c.1876). By Centennial Photographic Co. Rare stereo view of the large first-order and other lenses at the Light-House Establishment exhibit at the 1876 International  Exposition. This is an extremely clean, detailed view showing most of the two lenses, Lighthouse Service ensign and other portions of the electric exhibit. Nice, quite clear, clean view. (VG+).  $48.

17132. na. U.S. Coast Guard Vessels ONI 54-CG. Division of Naval Intelligence. GPO. 1943. Restricted. 14p. Soft wraps. Early booklet issued September 5, 1943 provides characteristics and identification information for the various classes of vessels operated by the Coast Guard at the time. Includes Campbell Class 327’, Tamps Class 240’, “A” Escanaba Class 165’, “B” Argo Class 165’, Active Class 125’, Cactus Class, and other miscellaneous cutters, patrol vessels, tenders, “sub busters”, 75’ type, and more. Clean, tight, cover with chipped and worn corner. (VG-). $54.

17142. (cabinet photo) Great Point Light Station, Nantucket by E.B. Robinson c.1880. Rare early view shows the tall stone tower and early keeper’s dwelling, as well as a shed or stable to the right. Rare early view not listed in Nantucket Historical Assoc. database. Measures 5 ¼” x 8 ½”. Generalized light foxing, some moisture and tape residue to back. (G+). $134.

17136. (photo) Breeches Buoy Rescue from SS Coos Bay off San Francisco c.1929. Clear, close, original 6” x 8” press photo shows good detail as survivor of the stricken lumber steamer Coos Bay is brought ashore by breeches buoy. Thirty three were saved by breeches buoy as the steamer broke up under the action of the fierce seas. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Dated March 27, 1929. Close view, good detail, just a bit out of focus. (VG). $28.

17143. (photo) Replacing Lantern Room, Oak Island Lighthouse, North Carolina c.1957. Clear, close, original 7” x 9” press photo shows good detail as a Marine helicopter lifts the 1,700 pound lantern room and places it on top of the Oak Island Lighthouse. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Dated December 18, 1957. Clear, close view, great detail. (VG+). $42.


17144a. Badgley, John. Frigate Men - Life on Coast Guard Frigate U.S.S. Bisbee, PF-46 During World War II. Published by John Badgley, 2007. 224p. Soft wraps. A true account of the life of United States Coast Guard sailors on board a fighting frigate during World War II; the humor, pathos, heroism and significance of one small ship in the United States naval armada of 1944. John Badgley (1922 – 2014) was a California architect. He was also a life-long sailor, marine enthusiast, historian and ecologist. After officer training at the US Coast Guard Academy, where he raced Star boats and served before the mast on the square rigged ship DANMARK, he joined the crew of USS BISBEE (PF-46) serving in 45 campaigns in the south and north Pacific during WWII. USS Bisbee was awarded 5 battle stars in 3 major theaters of operation. At wars end he was assigned to Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander Eastern Sea Frontier, in charge of Air Sea Rescue Operations coordinating Atlantic traffic during the return of US forces from Europe. With declassification of the ship's log, now the true story is being told." Illustrated with 38 graphite sketches & watercolors by the author, as well as 20 wartime photographs. A brisk and entertaining read. (M). $29.95. (x)

29219c. Lamp Oil / Kerosene Can c.1900-1940. Perfect for museums that require an inexpensive alternative to the U.S. Lighthouse Service oil cans for your display. This soldered tin oil or kerosene can is in very good condition. Tin oil filler can is original and quite like the original Lighthouse Service filler cans, with top handle and spout with cap and chain. Can has no dents and spout is present and solid with no repairs. This will be a fine display piece. With old patina and will display beautifully. Needs only a cork for top fill.  Can base measures  6 ½” diameter. Overall height 12 ½”. A perfect alternative. (VG+). $128.

17151. (print) UNITED STATES COAST GUARD – “SEMPER PARATUS” - STORM WARNINGS ARE UP by Charles Rosner c.1950's. 18” x 21”. Wonderful large size print shows Chatham , Mass. Coast Guard CG-36500 36-foot motor lifeboat heading out on its gold medal rescue of the crew from the tanker Pendleton in February 1952. Print is from a watercolor by Charles Rosner (1894-1975). Rosner served aboard the sailing ships he admired as a youth and accumulated an impressive five cape horn passages before leaving the sailor’s life in Iquique, Peru at the onset of the first world war. The artist then emigrated to Canada and onward to America, where he soon married and established a permanent home in New York. Rosner’s affinity for the sea propelled him into a commitment as a full-time marine painter of historic sailing vessels, and other sea-faring subjects. His image was used for a number of purposes over the years including an advertisement for International Nickel Company touting the reliability of the eras’ new metals that helped the sturdy motor lifeboat continue on its mission. Print is mounted on foam-core board and image itself is quite clean. Some marks and stains to wide 2 ½” margin but most will mat out. Perfect for framing. The first of this large size that I have ever found. (VG). $74. 


29386c. (cork life vest) Early Cork Life Jacket c.1907. Early cork jacket was commonly in use in the late 1800’s into early 1900’s. Jacket is of canvas filled with cork panels and is in very good condition for its age, fairly clean, only 4 tears in one panel over the steel staples. Jacket is stenciled: “PASSED U.S. Asst. Inspector Steam Vessels. New York, N.Y. Sept 27, 1907 H.M.T.” and “BLOCK Manufactured by David Kahnweilers Co., New York Hundreds of Metallic Life Boats and Life Rafts”. Once white canvas life vest includes 8 cork sections. No large holes or rips and portions of the straps remain, material is strong but darkened overall and water and soil stained as expected. Cork is solid. Measures Overall 13” x 15” x 2” thick. A great piece for display or for your surfboat. (VG+). $285.

17152. Hastings, Scott E. Jr. and Geraldine S. Ames. The Vermont Farm Year in 1890. Billings Farm & Museum, Woodstock, Vermont. 1983. 89p. Soft wraps. Wonderful account of the activities by which a farmer supported and sustained himself and his family in East Central Vermont in 1890, by season and task. Well illustrated with period photos. (F-) $6.






FG-01. Early Life-saving Line Gun. Coston Supply Company. Included is one original projectile and replacement firing mechanism. $3,900. Reduced $2,495.

FG-02. Early Life-saving Line Gun. Heat Transfer Products Company. Recent restoration. $2,900. Reduced $1,995.

FG-03. Early Life-saving Line Gun. D. Kahnweiler's Sons. Was heavily rusted, restored, fresh paint. $2,450. Reduced $1,595.


1734. Riddle, Mary Ellen. Outer Banks Shipwrecks: Graveyard of the Atlantic. Arcadia. 2017. 128p. Soft wraps. With over 185 vintage photographs. Ever since ships began navigating the coast of North Carolina, the area has maintained a reputation for being dangerous. Today, the region that stretches from the Currituck Outer Banks south to Bogue Banks is referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” From the 1585 grounding of the English ship Tiger off the Outer Banks to the 2012 loss of the Bounty, more than 2,000 shipwrecks have occurred in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Weather, geography, war, piracy, and human error have all contributed to this dense shipwreck zone. The stories behind the shipwrecks illustrate the best and worst of mankind, showing courage and compassion as well as the atrocities of war. This history informs readers about commerce, technology, war, environment, maritime life, and the complexity of the human element. This compact volume features numerous early photographs dating from the 1880’s to the present, drawn from the author’s and other private collections, most never before published. (M). $21.99.

1735. Hendrickson, Dyke. Nautical Newburyport: A History of Captains, Clipper Ships and the Coast Guard. 2017. The History Press. 144p. Soft wraps. With 56 Black And White images. Newburyport was once the most dangerous harbor on the East Coast and one of its most prosperous. Local captains and sailors led the nation to battle during the American Revolution and founded the U.S. Coast Guard. They sent vessels to Bombay, the gold rush and the farthest reaches of the world. Author Dyke Hendrickson explores the perfection of the clipper ship, the city’s famous Federalist mansions and the bold adventures from the Age of Sail. Follow the men and women of Newburyport into battle, into gales and into fortune—or ruin. Great reading. (M). $21.99.




A Few More Gift Ideas...


12119a. (reproduction mug) United States Lighthouse Service Mug. 10 oz. $8.95 each.

12119b. (reproduction mug) United States Life-Saving Service Mug. 10 oz. $8.95 each.

Lighthouse Lens and U. S. Life-Saving Service Rubber Stamps. 


In response to your requests for the Rubber Stamp that I use on my mailings and packages, I have commissioned to have produced three designs of lighthouse lens and Life-Saving Service insignia. Each detailed lens image measures approximately 3” high by 2” wide, while the USLSS stamp measures approx. 2” square. Stamps are of commercial quality and are mounted on solid wooden pads with wooden handles. Choose From Three Designs ! Made in America.

#6654. Stevenson’s Improved Lens Rubber Stamp. 3”H x 2”W. $17.95. 

#6653. Fresnel Lens Rubber Stamp. 3 3/8”H x 1½”W. $17.95. 

#795. Life-Saving Service Insignia. 1 ¾”H x 1 ¾”W. $16.95.  


  Image Copyright Walt Disney Studio Pictures

DVD. Disney's THE FINEST HOURS - a movie based on the extraordinary true story of the Coast Guard's greatest small boat rescue in history is coming to a movie theater near you in January 2016. We will have the DVDs of this thrilling account as soon as they are available in late January. Reserve yours now and we will send it out as soon as they come in. 


Wonderful Life-Saving and Coast Guard Caricature Prints by noted artist Darrel Somerville

11” x 14” and include mat for overall 16” x 20”. Each print signed by the artist on back. Perfect for decorating. $69 each

14114. 36-foot Motor Lifeboat

14115. Breeches Buoy Drill

14116. Lyle Gun Firing


10281. [reproduction] U. S. Lighthouse Service Station Flag. This triangular station flag measures 48” long by 25” and is typical of the flags once flown on Lighthouse Service vessels and at the light stations for over one hundred years. The flag is of the standard design, with red border on a field of white, with a large blue lighthouse silhouette. Heavy duty for moderate weather conditions. Made in America. (design as shown above) $98.95.

20418. [flag] U. S. Lighthouse Service Station Flag. This similar triangular station flag measures 48” long by 25” and is made of cotton - polyester for light to average weather conditions or for display. The flag is of the standard design, with red border on a field of white, with a large blue lighthouse silhouette. Made in America. (design as shown above) $79.95.

Photo courtesy Chad Kaiser, U.S.L.H.S.

Our flag shown flying at the headquarters of the U. S. Lighthouse Society at Point No Point Lighthouse, Washington.

Our flag shown being raised at the Graves Lighthouse in Boston Harbor. The light, now privately owned, is being carefully restored and cared for by its new owners. 

Reproduction of the Original United States Life Saving Service Pennant.


Treat your family to this replica of the official sewn  U. S. Life Saving Service flag. Flag is professionally made of high quality flag material, with sewn hem and brass grommets for attaching to halyard. Professionally made and will last longer than most others that you may find. Our pennants are flown at stations across the country as well on vessels of the U. S. Coast Guard and have received the highest praise.

27463. [reproduction] U. S. Life Saving Service Station Flag. This triangular station flag measures 48” long by 25” and is typical of the flags once flown at Life Saving Service stations to identify them as such to vessels at sea. The flag is of the standard design instituted by General Superintendent Sumner I Kimball, with blue, white and red fields and one white star. Heavy duty for moderate weather conditions. Made in America. (designs as shown above, both available) $89.95.


21444. Lighthouse Stationery. Create outstanding Letters, Reports, Correspondence, Memos. High quality, 8½” x 11”, 24lb. bond paper available in packs of 25, 50 or 100 sheets, compatible with Laser Printers, Photocopiers, and Ink Jet Printers.   a. Pack of 25 sheets $3.99.  b. Pack of 50 sheets $5.99. c. Pack of 100 sheets $7.99.


8458i. [model kit] U. S. Coast Guard 36-Foot Motor Lifeboat. c.1989. Complete unassembled plastic model kit by Glencoe Models reproduces this renown rescue craft in splendid detail, including all decals and three scale figures. This sturdy craft has been responsible for the rescue of hundreds of seamen and now you can build one for display on your shelves too. This is a High Quality, injection molded plastic, made in the USA Coast Guard Rescue Boat Model Kit - 1/48 scale including three figures. This is a Hard to find Glencoe Model, known and respected by model collectors and aficionados world wide. Award Winning unique model made from the highest quality materials. Certain to create hours of excitement for any model enthusiast. 1/48 scale, unassembled kit. (M).  $34.


A Few Reduced Priced Items...


957  [lightship model] Nantucket Lightship No. 112. WAL 534. Again we have found this sought after model of the Nantucket Lightship No. 112, by Lindberg Classic Replicas. This kit #717, copyright 1986, is a 1/95 scale replica and one of only a few ever designed of a U. S. light vessel It is also fairly close to HO railroading scale of 1/87. It likely had its origins as the Pyro and Frog kit of the same subject in the late 50s. Lindberg bought the molds and produced the kit for a few years. It has been sought after for many years since going out of production in the late 1980’s. This is complete and un-built, new old stock and is a perfect way to spend the cold days remaining of winter. This is an exceptional find for you lightship enthusiasts as very few were produced and still fewer have survived. (VG+). $78. Sale Price $24. (no discounts apply)


20272a,b,c. Gleason, Sarah C., KINDLY LIGHTS – A History of the Lighthouses of Southern New England . Boston . 1991. 175p. DJ. A wonderful account of the evolution of a lighthouse system in Southern New England with considerable historic detail on the 98 light stations in the area. Covering the area from Great Captain Island in Connecticut, to Newburyport Harbor Light on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border, the author weaves tale of Pleasonton, Winslow Lewis and notable others in the evolution a system of lights. Well done and a most worthwhile investment. (VG+).   $15.95. Sale $8.95.

26211. LaGuardia-Kotite, Martha J. So Others May Live – Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers: Saving Lives, Defying Death. Guilford. 2006. 208p. DJ. So Others May Live is the untold story of the U.S. Coast Guard’s quiet but resolute rescue swimmers. From deep ocean caves on the Oregon coast to the panicked and chaotic streets of post-Katrina New Orleans, here are their stunningly heroic stories and the greatest maritime rescues attempted since the program began in 1985. These feats, told through the eyes of the heroes, reveal an understanding of how and why the rescuer, with flight crew assistance, risks his or her own life to reach out to save a stranger. The book covers diverse environments: oceans, hurricanes, oil rigs, caves, sinking vessels, floods, and even Niagara Falls. It is truly a can’t-put-it-down collection of accounts. (M). ). Published at $22.95.  Sale $13.95.

26249. Clark, Admont. LIGHTHOUSES OF CAPE COD, MARTHA’S VINEYARD, NANTUCKET – Their History and Lore. Beverly . 2006. DJ. 244p. With a chapter devoted to each light station, this is surely the most interesting and comprehensive book on the subject. Profusely illustrated with fine early photographs and engravings. The author traces the history of each lighthouse from the beginning, the story of the construction and changes over the years, and of the men and women who lived and worked at the stations. The author’s emphasis on stories of the people who lived and worked in the lighthouses makes this book most enjoyable - readers are infused with a sense of daily life at each lighthouse, while also reading the extraordinary events that make their histories. Wonderful reading and most well done. (F). Published at $36.95. Sale $14.95.

7209s. Shelton-Roberts, Cheryl. LIGHTHOUSE FAMILIES. 2006. 210p. Soft cover. Living in a lighthouse was a way of life for the families of more than 5000 keepers and employees of the United States Lighthouse Service. These quiet people faithfully manned their remote outposts and withstood enemy attacks, hurricanes, and dishonest bureaucrats while saving countless thousands of lives. These men, women and children daily experienced physical hardship, round-the-clock work, isolation, and danger - and the strong bond of family. Though the Lighthouse Service no longer exists, many of the children who grew up at these stations do and their stories are preserved for the first time in this remarkable book. Family tales from Pigeon Point California, St. Augustine Florida, Saddleback Ledge Maine, Old Mackinac Point Michigan, Morris Island South Carolina and many more. Illustrated with over 100 family vintage photographs and a beautiful full color photo of the light as it appears today. This is a book that you won’t want to put down. (M). Published at $14.95. Sale $9.95.


New Books from 2015...

15218. Richmond, Arthur P. Massachusetts Lighthouses and Lightships. Schiffer. 2015. 256p. DJ. A must-have book for the lighthouse enthusiast, maritime buff, and anyone who is interested in Massachusetts history. Massachusetts Lighthouses and Lightships includes more than 850 images, many never before published. Also include historic plans that describe the details of these aids to navigation, and archival and contemporary photos that trace through their history. The book covers all the lighthouses and lightships that marked the shores (exclusive of Cape Cod and the Islands) and guided mariners through the challenging waters surrounding Massachusetts. This volume also explores the interiors of towers, shows the lantern rooms of rarely-visited lighthouses and gives fascinating facts about these beacons over their 200-year history. More than 876 images in color and b/w, some more than 130 years old, show the original towers and stations. (M). $44.99. (x)

15228. Richmond, Arthur P. Lighthouses and Lightships of Rhode Island. Schiffer. 2015. 144p. DJ. This pictorial guide provides a photographic tour of the last 400 years of Rhode Island lighthouse history. More than thirty lighthouse stations are described, from Watch Hill, near the Connecticut border in the south, to the inner harbor of Providence. The lighthouse station locations are identified using navigational charts and their characteristics, including date established, tower structure, optics, and fog signals. Also included are the dozen or so lighthouses that no longer exist. Probably not as well known, images and characteristics of these aids are similarly discussed. Over 300 images, some more than 130 years old, show the original towers and stations, accompanied by present-day photographs that compare the development and evolution of these lighthouses. Many of the images found on these pages have been collected from historical resources and are being published for the first time. This book is a must-have for the lighthouse enthusiast, maritime buff, and anyone who is interested in Rhode Island history. (M). $34.99. (x)


Available once again:


  20209. Webber, Bernard C., CHATHAM “The Lifeboatmen”. Orleans , Mass. 1985. 1st. 128p. Illustrated with numerous photographs. Late in February 1952, a northeaster swept New England with bitter cold, snow and gale force winds. East of Chatham 70-knot winds and 60-foot seas battered merchant vessels as the tankers SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendleton met the full force of the storm. They both broke in two on the morning of February 19th with 84 half-frozen men marooned on the battered hulks. The story of how these men were rescued is retold even today. In the days following the ordeal, twenty-one Coast Guardsmen would be decorated. The men who ventured into 60-foot seas in the little 36-foot CG36500 motor lifeboat to rescue the tanker crews showed what heroism really is. How this all came about, and the story of life at Cape Cod small boat stations in the 1950’s, is a tale well worth reading and a tribute to Coast Guardsmen everywhere.  Wonderful reading. (M).  $44.95.

Special numbered edition with actual wood piece from MLB CG-36500.  $59.95. 



Filled with early images, many from private collections and never before published.

Read about the heroic 1952 rescue of the crews from the SS Pendleton and SS Fort Mercer, still considered today the most heroic small-boat rescues in Coast Guard history

Read about the lightship crews and their dangerous missions, guarding the shoals and coastline of Cape Cod

Read about the Momomoy Disaster, in which seven life-savers perished while attempting to rescue the crew of the barge Wadena.

Read about Nauset’s famous “Three Sisters” lighthouses, the only such lighthouse configuration in the country, why they were built and what became of them.

Read about the Chatham lights and why they were moved so often.

Read about the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station, who’s crew rescued 34 persons in the first five years of operation.

Read about the many changes at Race Point Light Station and its renewed importance today


1443. Claflin, James W. Lighthouses and Life-Saving Along Cape Cod. Arcadia. 2014. 128p. Soft wraps. With over 200 vintage photographs, this is the fourth volume in a series of photographic histories of lighthouses and lifesaving along the coasts of the United States by the author. For centuries, heroic men and women have guarded the treacherous yet beloved Cape Cod coastlines. From Provincetown to Chatham, Sandwich to Cuttyhunk, and many towns in between, residents have relied on the Atlantic for employment and nourishment. But Cape Cod has always been plagued with a shifting coastline that consistently defies mariners’ efforts to pass through Massachusetts waters. In 1792, as shipping increased, mariners petitioned for a sorely needed lighthouse. It was not until 1797 that the first lighthouse on Cape Cod was built at the Highlands in North Truro. More lights and rescue stations would follow as the seas claimed their toll. Many lightship stations were also established from Chatham through Nantucket Sound to mark the constantly changing sandbars submerged offshore—more than in any other spot along the US coastline. Today, as sea levels change and sands continue to shift, some of these historic stations have been lost or moved, while still others are preserved only in such photographs as these. This compact volume features over 200 early photographs dating from the 1870’s through the 1960’s, drawn from the author’s and other private collections, most never before published, and traces the history of these services through photos and text. (M). $21.99. (x) 


23299. Southeastern Lighthouses U. S. Commemorative Stamp Packet. Issued June 13th. at Tybee Island , Georgia , the five new lighthouse commemorative stamps include Old Cape Henry, Virginia; Cape Lookout , North Carolina ; Morris Island, South Carolina; Tybee Island , Georgia ; and Hillsboro Inlet , Florida . From Virginia to Florida , these historic beacons have guided uncounted ships along America ’s shores. Commemorative stamp packet includes the following: Full pane of 20 mint commemorative stamps, set of five First Day of Issue cover cancellations, one of each design, and booklet of 20 stamped Postal Cards. (M).  $29.90. (additional postage needed if intending to use for mailing) 

Set 5 First Day of Issue cover cancellations $15

Booklet of 20 stamped Postal Cards using each design $6. 

One remaining:

9496. Peterson, Douglas, (U.S.C.G. Retired) U. S. LIGHTHOUSE SERVICE TENDERS. Eastwind Publishing. 2000. 169p. DJ. This is the first book to feature all of the lighthouse tenders and auxiliary craft of the United States Lighthouse service from 1840 until 1939. Lighthouse Tenders, the lifeline to the keepers of America's lighthouses and lightships, towed lightships, tended buoys, carried necessities and saved lives day and night, in weather fair or foul. Without these services the keepers of America 's lighthouses and lightships could not have survived. More than 150 years ago the first tender was launched, to be followed by 300 ships of varying design used for lighthouse service-all of which are presented in this thoroughly researched book. Vintage photographs, drawings, plans and statistics illustrate the historic profile of each ship. This long awaited book recognizes these often overlooked ships of the U.S. Lighthouse Service and their important contribution to America 's maritime heritage. 9.5"x9.5", hardbound. 175+ b/w photos and plans. Out of print, difficult to find. As new. (M) $79.95.


2nd Edition Just Out:

23290e. Demeter, Andrew and David. CHELSEA CLOCK COMPANY: The First Hundred Years. 2nd edition. 2014. For over a hundred years the Chelsea Clock Company has manufactured a distinguished line of high quality clocks. Regarded as one of America ’s highest quality products, Chelsea Clocks have been presented to heads of state throughout the world. Photographs taken in the White House throughout this century show Chelsea Clocks in settings of distinction. Collectors have long prized them for their quality, beauty, unique design and historic significance. Now in this updated and lengthened second edition, the history of the Chelsea Clock Company has been written and it reads like a contemporary enterprise including mysteries, disasters, near failure and a fascinating collection of characters. Historical photographs, vintage advertisements, as well as illustrations and photographs from old catalogues are included. This updated and expanded second edition also includes: Ten more vintage models added to the Identification Guide to help collectors in identifying seldom seen designs, with color photographs from the finest collections in America, an Alphabetical Index on every movement model developed by the company by date and designated purpose, individual indices that list every clock made for the U.S. Lighthouse Establishment & Service, U.S. Life-Saving Service, and U.S. Revenue Cutter Service by serial number, type, and date of issuance, a new Boston Clock Co. Index of this subsidiary’s manufacture of clocks from 1909 to 1931. With eighty-five more pages of material to assist the collector in identifying factory issued models and their origins, this work will surely be a “must have” for collectors and professionals alike. Andrew and David Demeter have created a remarkable volume complete with lists of serial numbers to aid you in authenticating your piece, and photographs of Chelsea Clock Company’s current staff. In Chelsea Clock Company: The First Hundred Years, the Demeters have once again provided a valuable and sought after resource for collectors and those who appreciate American craftsmanship at its finest. Only 1000 of this second edition have been printed and they will be in great demand! (M). $145. (no discounts apply) 



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